Use code FREESHIP50 on orders of $50 or more to get free shipping! Use code FREESHIP50 on orders of $50 or more to get free shipping!

Terms of Service


  • I typically ship every Tuesday and Friday, but sometimes travel or conventions may cause delay. I will reach out if there is any delay.
  • Returns and exchange details
  • No refunds or exchanges except in cases of serious damage caused in shipping. In that case please contact me immediately!
  • International shipping may take 2-4 weeks so be patient, but please contact me if your package is taking longer than normal to arrive. Remember that all international orders may be subject to customs charges. Every country is different so be sure to look up your local rates.
  • Shipping costs include cost of envelope and supplies, but any major overcharges will be refunded whenever applicable.

Commissions TOS

  • Commission prices vary per request. However, any quote given to a client regarding a request will be honored for two weeks (14 days).
  • All payment is required in full before work will commence.
  • Any and all deadlines must be discussed up front and may affect the overall cost of the commission.

Progress Updates and Requesting Changes 

Work in Progress shots (WIPs) provide the feedback loop between the artist and client during a commission. 

  • WIPs are provided for any commission which costs $100 or more.
  • WIPs they can be provided for commissions of a lower cost upon request.
  • If the client opts out of WIPs (or doesn't request them), the artist will not be responsible to make any changes in the product after they deem it finished, unless:
    • The final rendition isn't faithful to any features (colors, markings, anatomy, etc) which were mentioned in the commission request and / or depicted on reference images


  • No full refunds shall be issued after work starts on the commission.
  • Partial refunds may be issued at the artist's discretion, based on the commission's progress at time of refunding.
  • Once the piece is complete (as defined above), no refunds will be issued.

Artist's Rights

  • The artist may cancel a commission due to rude or inappropriate behavior including but not limited to: harassment (sexual or otherwise) or bigotry.
  • The artist retains all commercial rights to any artwork produced, including but not limited to: print production or exhibition - digital or physical. If the client wishes to keep the artwork private, it must be discussed with the artist beforehand.
  • The client may make prints or display the artwork, but only for non-commercial use.
  • If the work is reposted digitally, credit should be given to the artist.
  • Commercial rights are available for a fee upon request, but must be discussed with the artist beforehand.

Content Restrictions

The following subjects are not eligible for commission:

  • Copyrighted characters
  • Underaged characters
  • Violence, sexual or otherwise
  • Weapons
  • Humans
  • Mechanical creatures